Tuesday, May 24, 2016

All The Start Up Maps of Zion

Startup landscape maps remain, in my opinion, one of the best ways to quickly scan an industry vertical and understand how it breaks down into sub sectors. In this post, I collected the top startup landscape visualizations for Israel, covering VR/AR, Fintech, IOT, DevOps and Cybersecurity. By the nature of the fast moving market, they tend to get out of date quickly, yet still I find them one of the most effective ways to scan a vertical when I start researching. For more market research tools, check out my post on 10 Tools to Understanding and Dissecting an Industry.
Virtual and Augmented Reality

Israeli AR/VR Ecosystem created jointly by Carmel Ventures and Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners http://www.viola-notes.com/mapping-israeli-virtual-reality-augmented-reality-startup-landscape/
Israeli Fintech

Israeli Fintech startup map, created by Carmel Ventures http://www.viola-notes.com/israel-fintech-map/
Israeli Developer Operations (DevOps)

Israeli DevOps (Developer Operations) startup Map by Glilot Capitalhttp://glilotcapital.com/updated-from-portfolio/mapping-israels-devops-startups/
Israeli Cybersecurity Startups

Israeli Cybersecurity ecosystem by Bessemer Venture Partners at http://israelcybermap.com/
Israeli IOT Startups

Israeli Internet of Things startup ecosystem by Innovation Endeavors:http://www.innovationendeavors.com/thoughts/israeli-internet-of-things

Israeli Blockchain Innovation

Israeli Blockchain Innovation Map by Deloittehttp://www2.deloitte.com/il/en/pages/financial-services/articles/israel_a_hotspot_for_blockchain_innovation.html

Israeli Startup Ecosystem Overview

Israeli Startup Ecosystem Periodic Table by CB Insightshttps://www.cbinsights.com/blog/periodic-table-israel/
Israeli startup funding landscape

Israel Startup Funding Landscape by https://www.iangels.co/

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