Monday, May 2, 2016

La Boca Restaurant
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Located on Shlomtzion Hamalka Street, La Boca is the city's only restaurant specializing in Central American and South American kosher meat dishes.

Spanish-speaking cultures of the Americas are not often considered a cohesive unit when it comes to their culinary heritage, but at La Boca, which bills itself as a "Latin" restaurant, Mexican favorites like chicken enchiladas and beef empanadas appear harmoniously alongside classic Agentinian dishes like bife de chorizo and entrecote with chimichurri.

La Boca's kitchen staff is highly ambitious, having mastered the complexities of Spanish paella with entrecote, chorizo and chicken; coriander-sauteed vegetable fajitas and Brazilian salsa-enhanced coconut spring chicken. Larger groups of diners with adventurous spirits are encouraged to check out the parilla platters, which cover the gamut of grilled meats, including entrecote, lamb ribs, spring chicken and chorizo, with fries and a green salad to boot. La Boca also features a full bar, complete with a variety of wines, beers, spirits and cocktails.

Latin American food's popularity in Israel can be explained by any number of factors, including a steady influx of immigrants from those parts of the world, a steady flow of returning Israeli backpackers who have enjoyed treks there, and healthy doses of respect for global soccer legends. However you might want to explain the phenomenon, La Boca's positioning in the Jerusalem culinary scene is strong, and the quality of the food surely has something to do with it.

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