Monday, January 23, 2017

Lana Schechte's White Horsed Knight in Shining Armour by the Bard of Bat Yam, Poet Laureate of Zion

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Lana Schechte's White Horsed Knight in Shining Armour

In her  frum world full of tzitzit, tzniut , heartache, gloom  and pain, 
Lana Schechter needs Stephen D's  help her through the Brooklyn rain. 
To comfort her when she is flirty on , naughty and zealous

Doing  everything just to make him and other bashers insanely jealous

In this world she thinks she needs a Jewish  White Horse  Brave Knight,
Who would never, never , never  give up any Yiddisheit fight.
A knight who would kiss and cuddle  away  her  tears,
And help her to overcome all " must find my basher 2.0 quickly''  fears.

A  Knight of Torah and Zion who loves her for all her chutspa, beauty and  inside,
With Stephen D  there's nothing more she will ever need to cover or  hide.
A person who will still be ( if he is not suspended ) standing bold and  strong,
Even though wooing her openly poetically on is halachically wrong.

Lana Schechter needs Stephen D who is willing to give her much, much  more,
Someone she canher Israelite  White Horsed Knight, In Shabbat Shining  Armour

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