Sunday, January 15, 2017

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Whatever Movement of Judaism you follow , Secular, Traditional to Modern Orthodox Machmir ,Chabad, Haradi or Hassid ....Join has been endorsed by both Chief Rabbi "s of Israel David Lau and Yitschak Yosef Israel)+ Rafi Peretz ( previous IDF Chief Rabbi) , Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis ( Great Britain), Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia ( France)   and Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein ( South Africa) . is not a commercial site and absolutely everything is completely free with no hidden charges . matches Hosts with Guests for Shabbos and Chaggim Meals and because this service appeals most to singles ( as guests) there is also a dating ( matching module) . In Israel there are just over 3000 singles with dating profiles. The Dating ( Matching) module differs from other Jewish equivalents in that their is no anonymity , no silly lists that need to be completed , you write you own narrative and what you are looking for in your Match and Basheret and do your own matchmaking. Hosting Guests for Shabbat and Chaggim is a Mitzvah ....obviously for free . Matchmaking is a Jewish profession as old as time in memorial.... also a Mitzvah.... the Yenta in Fiddler on the Roof in the 21st Century has been replaced by Social Media ..... you can do your own matchmaking on or use or use Yenta,a Shmenta ( a modern day Yenta) Aunt, Sister, Best Friend or nagging Mom .Get them all to join and may the Chuppah be with You ( soon) with apologies to George Lucas. is the largest Jewish Social Media Patform in the world. It resembles Facebook in many ways. No advertising. No membership charges . 243,765 members in 122 countries , as of right now . 72% are singles .67% have dating files with pictures . Join and find your George Cooney with payot . Your Bar Refaeli who wants to cover her hair and wear skirts .or perhaps them both without their religious statement. Shabbat,com caters for all different degrees of religious adherence from in the process of conversion, Secular, Traditional,Conservadox to National Religious ,Haradi, Chabadnik and Hassidi כמובן אפשר להירשם בעברית

another free Jewish Matching site worth join is ( it is also free) with over 51 shadchannim , matchmakers .... obviously for traditional to chassic people and not at all for secular Jews

... and if you are in your 30's to mid 40's and single and available and looking for a Match with the Chuppah and kids in mind ...send me a message .... I am 51 (in January) cute, cuddly, catlover ,witty, wise , wonderful . and live in Zion.... my unusual profile is on ( .Lnkedin and a zillion of other places on the web . Privacy is not my middle name and never will be.וכמובן אני שוטף לחלוטין בעברית

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