Monday, January 16, 2017

El Duce The KKK Duke Donald Trump by The Bard of Bat Yam, Poet Laureate of Zion

At Trump rallies he vomit spurs hate and rants,
Xenophobes puke back pro El Duce Don-Duke chants,
His base master race base,
All wears Wonder Bread face,
They’re the GOP’s white racist elephants

No discouraging words are allowed,
From Trump protesters found in the crowd,
Don goads each supporter,
To beat up and give no quarter,
To shout down naysayers… decibels loud!

To define the Trump push back… full gist,
If you defy him, his mobs will get pissed,
The ‘tude of his minions,
All dissenting opinions,
Will be squelched with chokehold and clenched fist!

There now is a candidate Trump
Who loves to talk hate from the stump,
Dressed to the nines, yet uncouth,
Exhumes Dolf’s Hitler youth,
Trash like Trump belongs in city dump!

Young school kids frequent their playground haunt,
Trump’s hate speech is the ‘tude they flaunt,
At Muslim classmates they’ll snort,
Forewarn Trump will deport,
Instill fear, sneer, jeer, torment and taunt!

The pro-Trump voter is recalcitrant,
A gun nut, cross burner and miscreant,
He’s sycophantic and manic,
Never Muslim, Black, Star of David Jew or Hispanic,
The GOP’s hardliner, white elephant!

At RNC, too few righties may rant,
“Our frontrunner is too arrogant!
Either make Trump stand down,
Or run Don out of town,
We have to curb our elephant!”

Will the RNC ever pay heed?
Understand Trump is the demon seed,
To be truthful, fully,
That bastard’s a bully,
The apex of hate, hubris, greed!

In muddy bigotry, chump Trump is mired,
Re his supporters, there’s no brain required,
If yahoos get their way,
On Election Day,
It’ll be far too late to shout, “YOU’RE FIRED!”

Trump’s hate speeches stir up the panic,
Of folks: Muslim, Star of David Jew, Black and Hispanic,
Though Don speaks the unthinkable,
That xenophobe ain’t unsinkable,
Clinton or Sanders could prove him Titanic!

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