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A Dating Profile for the 21st Century ....Stephen Darori : The Personal , Softer Side of Me .

 Rikkki de Riiik

You've torn the daily paper into a million shreds,
And tested the comfort of all the chairs, sofas and beds.
Chased a zillion types of balls,
All over the floor.
Hiss, spat and cat call.
At all the feral cats and the dog next door,
And proved yourself so brave and bold.
For a tiny kitty cat only eight months old.
You're now a ginger little fluffy ball
Curled up tight asleep on the expensive rug in the hall.

Among my many caps I fill is that of the Bard of Bat Yam, Poet Laureate of Zion. Rikkki de Riiik is one of my cats.Only someone with a sense of flirty and fun,humour ; a Donald Trump load of chutspa and the knowledge that my online and personal privacy was compromised way back decades ago. would try something like this different and bit outrageously in such a style, length and content and also make it a a romantic educating experience and look for the $$$ where I actually get to the point , sort of ...I am The Midnight Rambler and strangle words like succinct and concise and prefer to be labeled loquaciousness and full of verbiage, intoxicated by verbosity,tautology which is to say I am full of euphemism and very talkative . I certainly don't talk as I write and stick to one vowel and no more than two syllable words . " The cute kitty cat saw a mat and sat"" . Every one loves $$$ and if you get to the bottom of this novelette..... I will award you with a BA degree with majors English, English Literature, Contemporary History,and Religious Studies 101.

The style of this unusual dating profile novelette follows that used in The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test ( if you haven't read it do so .... it is great , there is a free Pdf Copy on line) . This book of Tom Wolfe book was the first novel in the style of New Journalism and was quickly followed by others by Truman Capote, Hunter S. Thompson, Norman Mailer, Joan Didion, Terry Southern, Robert Christgau, Gay Talese ,New Journalism is a style of news writing and journalism, developed in the 1960s and '70s, which used literary techniques deemed unconventional at the time. It is characterized by a subjective perspective, a literary style reminiscent of long-form non-fiction and emphasizing "truth" over "facts," and intensive reportage in which reporters immersed themselves in the stories as they reported and wrote them. This was in contrast to traditional journalism where the journalist was typically "invisible" and facts are reported as objectively as possible.Traditional grammar was also partly dismissed and are neologism frequented used coined at the spur of the moment often a combination of a number of words full with elements of alliteration, onomatopoeia, sibilance, zeugma , syllepsis and synecdoche . Hey google all the other figure of speech by let me help you with synecdoche .A synecdoche is a class of metonymy, often by means of either mentioning a part for the whole or conversely the whole for one of its parts. Examples from common English expressions include "bread and butter" (for "livelihood"), "suits" (for "businesspeople"), and "boots" (for "soldiers") (Pars pro toto), or conversely "America" (for "the United States of America") . Some classical examples , He is an Einstein .... a brilliant person, Quisling (Norwegian PM during WW II) ... a traitor . In Zion ( another example).... Obama has replaced quisling and then there is oye vey Donald Trump and his Trumpism ....the Teflon man , a misogynist, a sexist par excellence , chauvinist, racist , but most of all a paranoid liar , Trump has also become the antonomasia for the king of narcissism replacing the likes of Saddam Hussein ,Liberace, Elvis Presley , Alex Bawdwin , Pablo Picasso ,Marlon Brando and will be Kayne West and Simon Cowell a run for their billions before he is impeached or nukes the world and send us back to the Big Black Hole for rework and repairs. ...... and hey so far I haven't made up any neologisms .... those really are figure of speeches ..... google them and read the Wikipedia Article for each.

$$$ So clearly I love reading ( books, magazines and newspapers both online and especially in print. I consider myself very well read, Dun and funny, chatty and a conversationalist , a good listener with a water proof shoulder; a people's person and an observer of people.Love to write under the framework of Cameos from Zion, Tastes from Zion , Just a Rip Roaring Zionists and the Israel Book Review ....and hey you who have go this far..... these are just hobbies . I have also published some poetry as the Bard of Bat Yam, Poet Laureate of Zion. I have also published many professional pieces on Social Media, Finance and Management and something I was repeatedly rapped on the knuckles and touchas for by Rabbi BenZion Klatzko..... politics. A no no we don't want to know on .

Controversy follows me every where ( that goes with the territory I am focused upon) but well curious to know where I am coming from .... then look at my Linkedin profilehttpPublic Profile and plenty of silly pictures of me and my cats, hats and books are on Facebook ( Stephen Drus or Stephen Darori either or ... Darori is my Hebrewaized surname just in Israel) . I have no illusions that given my 30 year presence on the Internet I have only a resemblance of Privacy left and have no illusions or for that matter regrets.The Internet is the greatest invention since Bereishit. I am certainly not a Creationist and everything implied being one. Evolution gave rise to the Internet. The Wheel and the Smartphone . If you use any three can you really still be a Creationist ? or perhaps a Creation with a question mark or maybe an evolutionist with a question mark..Just got back from a Saw You At Sinai match first date ..... hell has no mercy when a Creationist and Evolutionist meet on a long shot to the Chuppah with kids .But seriously I am very amicable and everything is negotiable and if we cannot agree then at least agree to disagree and move on or forward to that illusive tallit held on 4 poles .

$$$ My Primary Language is English but am completely fluent also in Hebrew. You can write and speak to me in Hebrew .So if we can agree to agree on the Evolution Versus Creation,creation debate and all that is entailed and enslaved in that debate ..... then we will if we ever end up sharing a bed .not have to build a Wall more impressive that the one in China, Shomron and Judea, the one Trump thinks the Mexicans will pay for or what was termed the Berlin Wall .

$$$So I an a bit quirky , zany and a bit unconventional .... I have to be ( a bit) to try a novelette for a profile. I am witty and wise,cuddly, cute cuddly,funny and flirtatious and fun., I flirt with everyone, from Great Grandmothers , Bobbies to new born babies and everyone in between. and if you read on .. please do so.... with you.... which is a nice way of saying I am lay back easy going , relaxed , , Richard Gere,Tom Selleck, and George Clooney rolled up in one and packaged and waiting for you. So seriously don't be intimated read on and enjoy the novelette. I wear many, many Caps. One of them is a Tom Wolfe, Electric Cool Aid new journalism author and editor. Journalism was and is my first passion but was not of my late Yiddisha Mom , so my professional direction had to be in something more appropriate for her to schmaltz about at her bridge , rummy, clubbyjass,calookie and canasta games and I am sure she continues to do so up above with the Angels Gabriel, Michael,Ahaziah,Baal-zebub and God .Hey why are all of them Men and not a single one a Woman.? ,The person who wrote the book of Daniel ,where 3 of the good angels appear by name,during the Hellenistic Period was perhaps the first chauvinist on record after of course Moshe Rabbeinu who generally is attributed as the author of the hard copy version of the bible...the Pentateuch. Moshe's death was dropped into Deuteronomy by a research editor before the paperback issue went to print long after M died on Mount Nebo..We can discuss my new take on ,"Who wrote the Bible over 10 X C if you want. coffee, cake, conversation (serious stuff), chat (light small talk) ,cisses,chutspa and cuddles ( still trying to remember what the other C's of dating were when I started back in Cape Town- perhaps a few were xrated I think or better still lets go with compromise, commitment , communication and the chuppah time line in mind :- ) So this profile is nothing like you have ever probably seen. My Mom was write ( pun intended) and wrong about my Journalism.... wrong as now every good Jew engages in hasbara and yes, Journalism in the era of Social Media is a poor man's profession and Jews don't intentionally do anything that makes then poor ... that would be hard to schmaltz about .

I have a huge digital presence on the Internet going all the way back to 1988 when I first was given access at a Conference at University of Rhodes. Rhodes as in Cecil John Rhodes .If you google all the Pop References in this profile you will as I mentioned before at the end not have only read a New Journalism Romance Autobiography but will walk away with a BA Degree in Contemporary History, Politics and Religious Studies My profile on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Angel's List Quora etec mentions some of my other hmmms some of which my Mom frowned on but both my late parents Hey''ed and Yay''ed and Supported everything I did and were both my Cheering Pom Pom Squad and not from the cheap seats.My Mom was once ejected unceremoniously from the hall were I was representing Western Province for chess for , "rumbustious, rambunctious, rowdydowdy,,obstreperous behaviour ", Those are real words ..... seriously .... so far no neologism or poetic licence but no doubt plenty of spelling mistakes . My Mom must have bit her tongue many a 2 x 100 squared time but not on that occasion.

$$$ Love cats, gardening and cooks . and am a collector of things and stuff and their sidekick dust. My large apartment in Bat Yam is filled with cats, hats, my art and many, many many Books ,Monographs and Pamphlets , some I have actually read and quite few I have written or edited . But writing and journalism is and so far appears to remain but a hobby yet first love subjugated by Finance, Marketing and Management.

$$$ So now the checklists and then back to your BA degree. I am known for my openness, approachability, easygoingness and cuddliness . I am a observer of People and Cats and a People and Cat person. I live adjacent to a park and actually have to walk through it to get to my front door ... remember Nottingham Hill, Julia whizzing over the fence and Hugh grazing his leg doing the same.Love that movie and yes, and all things romantic . Controversy is a wonderful marketing tool and it has followed me all my life through banning orders for political activism in South Africa to my unapologetic Rip Roaring Revisionist Zionism in Israel and my frequent condemnation of Antisemitism and Donald Trump today in my articles and blogs.I am fun loving,chatty, very open, very easy going, well read,interesting with lots of touch of humour, a conversationalist full of animated anecdotes ,pop references and mischievously unconventional sound bites I am an excellent listener with endless patience and a waterproof shoulder and very, very pleasant company.This is taking forever as my kittie cat The Riiiik Rikkki ( triple k & i) is walking all over my keyboard purring "Hug me ,Steve, Hug Me". If I sound irrelevant actually it is the flip side of 7 degrees I am am anything by irrelevant..... this is simply the softer more personal side of me .... the side that is personal not professional.

$$$.Romantic.... yes I am. want to be and can be . I am very much an old fashioned Wordsworth, Coleridge, Keats and Shelly romantic,a Henry Morton Stanley urban scavenger with an insatiable Graham Bell curiosity. I am very much a David Livingston ,a tourist in my own back yard. I am a Nero Wolfe,love to cook , grow some of my own herbs, am have an award winning English garden ( without any orchids), beer and of course books. I currently cook for one... here's the corny part of this profile...and would love to cook also for you and may be a pitter patter of little feet in the future.

$$$Now the religious section.This section always gets me in trouble but most of all I am very flexible and everything is negotiable..... I can evolve into any of the movements of Judaism other than Hassidic and Haradi.Neither been there and no interest to go there or try that level of adherence of Judaism and isolation to secular reality .My goal is to be Modern Orthodox Machmir Dati Leumi but at the moment with out any motivation have a failing grade and funking out badly..Maybe the motivation could be you? ( corny but possible) But seriously in the 21st century Judaism should adapt or expect a rise in secular Jews as is happening especially in Israel. Bereishit nice symbolism but seriously Evolution has ruled since Charles Darwin published his . "On the Origin of the Species " in 1859,.the US Supreme Court cases Epperson v. Arkansas in 1968 that has consistently downgrade supported Evolution over Creationism .Should technology close down for Shabbat. certainly doesn't neither do all Chabad and major Yeshiva sites and if they don't close down , why should you use your Smartphone to access the Sidur or watch and take part in Shul services on line. The Kotel webcam is up 24/7 everyday of the year including Yom Kippur. It could be switched off but never is.

So some specifics.$$$ I am not completely Shomrei Shabbat anymore which is a nice way of saying that I was once ( sort of) but but not at the moment but given the right reason and person , I could return to what I was brought up as .....a South African Orthodox Jew .... private and outrageously expensive Jewish Zionist Oriented Day School from 3 to 18,, Glatt Kosher, Orthodox Shul .... the largest in Africa followed by the beach and other secular activities ( cricket, soccer, rugby , matinee movies in winter) and I am very tolerant of those who are not or are more religious than I am.I really really love the traditional stuff and Yiddisheit of Judasim. I spent 9 wonderful months in Yeshivat Yavneh on a program for Yehudi Hagollah who were curious and wanted to learn more about Judaism, the Tanach, Talmud, Misnah,Shulchan Aruch,Pirkei Avot and the meaning of Pray and Jewish Tradition and who the hell is God and why should it be a Woman..One of the nicest experiences I have ever had in Zion was seeing the Kotel for the first time with Talmidei Hayeshiva Yavneh on Yom Yerusaleim at 1+ am in the morning. The fear I had that the Kotel would be just an innate object ... never happened... it was an amazing, bit fearful,tearful ( more than a lump in my throat) a very emotional experience and now occurs every time I visit . One of my profile picture was taken there in February 2016 while attending the Jerusalem Conference. National Religious, Arutz & Bayit Yehudi orientation. All my pictures are recent. Post February 2016. I have had an issue with the Concept of God and her / his whoever's existence ( Why shouldn't God be a Woman?) since I was 4 ....really cute anecdote, my then Zulu Nanny Nozizwe("Mother of Nations") is the supporting actress ....At 4 you don't intellectualize, per Freud page 789,187 of his treatise on the Mind ( I memorized it all including footnotes :-) . Everything is yes or no. Between Eind Blyton and Noddy and Big Ears stories my folks embarked on teaching me the key Principles of Judaism. "Remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy" but hey,Mom why do we ride to Shul. We live on a 100 hectare fruit farm and 80 miles from the nearest shul... if by foot would take almost as long as Moshes and the 12 Tribes tiyuled through the Sinai but Shabbos means no attempt at being Rembrandt, Picasso, Michelangelo , Chagall and because they painted on walls doesn't mean you can turn our living room into a Vatican Chapel l or foyer of the Knesset but one Shabbos I did squiggle and squaggle a proposed mural on paper and oye vey them remembered it was Shabbos. So waited for Mr God to punish me,,, how I wonder what my punishment would be ?... my first putz on my touchas ( couldn't rely on my parents to provide the experience) ... I waited and waited. Nothing happened . Hey maybe Ms or Mr G was in the Winston Churchill reading the paper and didn't see my heinous transgression... so I wrote my name again and again and nothing happened ... and third time I sinned for Azania and Zion alike and nothing happened and Stevie Drus ( later Darori) Nietzsche asked the question, " Does God Exist?" ( he she or it) . A Yes or No question that has followed me through 2 score years and a bit. . The late Rav Chaim Yaakov Goldvicht , Rosh Yeshiva at Yeshivat Kerem B'Yavneh also thought it was cute ... roared with laughter and then made the concept of God and Holiness, the subject of his personal 'private' time with me for the next 9 months we yoyo'ed face to face. back and forth, from Creation to Evolution, God and the Big Bang Theory and then continued by correspondence until he passed away.I am not afraid or negative on becoming more religious( and certainly not ignorant as to what it entails) .... I just need a good reason and hey this an invitation to take on the challenge and be my good reason and basheret in Zion....seriously and sorry the second time corny :-) ) ... Yeshivat Kerem B'Yavneh is a Hesder. Rav Goldvicht actively encouraged Serut be Zahal with Limudei Hatorah and had no issue with us kicking a soccer ball or for that matter( as long as it had a synthetic hide) throwing a football around on lazy Sabbath afternoons or in the fading sunsets of Zion every evening. One of the Catches while I was at Yeshivat Yavneh was Ephraim ( then known as Fleetfoot Mercury Errol) Mirvis ... now Chief Rabbi of the UK and British Commonwealth. He was a year ahead of me at http://www. The Synagogue I went to what the Marais Road Shul , the largest in Africa and unquestionable the best attended and yes it sounds terrible only because its congregants drove there on Friday Nights, Shabbat , Chaggim and even Yom Kippur. Over 75% of the congregants simply live far to far away to walk.

I may not be the Jewish Richard Gere ,George Clooney you are looking for ..... would you settle instead for a Anglo Saxon Hebrew Speaking Good Humoured Tom Selleck.? :-) My basheret 2.0 should be Modern Orthodox ( or even a lot less) , a progressive thinker, educated and in step with 21st century religious feminism ... in her late 30's and even early 40's who still can and definitely wants kids My name is Stephen Darori email.stephendarori@hotmail Tel 0527234313 ...Send me a message , "I could be interested "and I will take it from there. Serious ..... I am not intimidating and fun to be with , all sugar and spice and all things nice..... to paraphrase Robert Burke and Horace Gerlach and The Mills Brother's songs .

So again if you got right to the bottom of this unusual profile..... I am actually very easy going and relaxed , sweet, talkative ... all to the to the point of been a bit of a nudnik, get along with everyone , love animals in particular cats , books . hats, babies , toddlers, and children ( not necessary in that order) and always wonderful company. It should also be clear that I am looking for someone with a mind of her own, a personality ( introvert or extrovert, not an issue) Someone her reads books, magazines and newspapers ( and not just online), follows the news , loves cooking and hence you can have few extra pounds which is okay with me ( I have more than a few myself for the same reason) I am not necessary after a wall flower , a trophy wife or clothes horse or an ornament clutching her hubby's elbow ( why does Melania Trump suddenly come to mind ) ..... interested??? send me a email, SMS or take a deep breath and call xooxox

So what an I looking for .....

What I am looking for: So here's the thing...I bring out the best in people and many discover hidden attributes but hey .. chatty, easy going, relaxed ,interesting,loves books and magazines, internet savy.... and can be more religious than I am (that actually would be preferable).... and most of all have the initiative to make the first contact if I haven't done so already.If I haven't done so , I probably don't know you exist. It takes two to shidduch -you and me ( three if you have a living shandick)-and both my Bobba, Grandmother and Mom are not available as the catalyst and matchmaker but are watching from above between bidding on bridge hands and playing calookie , creating neologisms for scrabble and nodding approvingly every time I make their Chocolate and Cheesecakes that contribute to my " few extra pounds"and antithesis of Arnold Schwarzenegger physique . So its up to you and me to make it work and in a relatively short time frame to the Chuppah.

I strongly support the evolution of the 21st Century Women from "'Give us the Vote"' Pankhurst, to "Free thinking rebel with many causes "'Emma Goldman to Margaret Sanger who successfully had the Federal Comstock Law overturned to "The Radical Feminist" Gloria Steinem to "Lean In" Sheryl Sandberg and finally to Hilary Clinton who I actively support to be elected the first President of the many States south and to the west of Canada . I believe that a 21st wife should have a career in progress and all home maker responsibilities should be 50: 50 shared with her husband . I was married before to one who turned out to be an nogschlepper delux ( and closet messianic whatever) who had no desire or interest to ever work and was a lazy to terrible mother and almost all of the responsibility of raising two kids ( now 18 and 20,both are financially independent with trust funds, neither lives with me) ...fell on my shoulders which I was thankful for and really, really loved and became excellent at ... they loved my dramatic Lawrence Olivier with the humour of Robin Williams reading to them and I loved completely controlling the narrative of their education ,religious and intellectual development. 

I am looking for someone who will become my Equal Partner, Alta Ego, Confidante, Sounding Board ,Lover , Best Friend and Mother of My Children ( I definitely would love more kids) and again my parting short with a touch of humour and sentimentality wrapped in dozen roses, hugs and kisses and holding hands romance. I may not be the Jewish George Clooney you are looking for ..... would you settle instead for a Anglo Saxon Hebrew Speaking Good Humoured Tom Selleck.? :-) I to paraphrase Stanley Holloway ( Eliza Doolittles father) I am, yes I am, willing, wanting and waiting and seriously available and have taken the time and initiative to write a romantic autobiography. Different, very different from normal dating profiles and an educating experience if you look up all the pop references. If you have the initiative to contact me. and I think we will both be pleasantly surprised when you do. My name is Stephen Darori Tel 0527234313 I Israel) or Messenger me on Facebook or Linkedin or even better use and send me a private message .

and if you got all the way to this line..... when we meet for 10 times C ...... I will also award you the Degree in Contemporary History, judaica and English , English Literature and a peck on both cheeks ... Call, message, text and I will take it from there

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