Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Donald Trump continues to back track on campaign promises #RIPUSA, $AmericaHangsItsHead Inshame,#KeepTrumpInCheck

Donald Trump meets with the “failing” New York Times, takes back much of what he campaigned on Donald Trump meets on the record with the Times and leaves everyone wondering, What does he actually stand for?

Onlookers watch as President-elect Donald Trump shakes hands with a security guard as he leaves the New York Times building following a meeting, Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2016, in New York. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)(Credit: AP)

While the heads of broadcast news and cable news networks agreed to meet on Monday with President-elect Donald Trump off the record at his New York high-rise, The New York Times did not. Yet on Tuesday the newspaper that Trump had often maligned was still granted a sit-down interview with him on Tuesday — after he first tweeted otherwise! — that was on the record and quite revealing, according to many of the reporters in the room who live tweeted the event.
And Times staffers also tweeted what Trump had to say about climate change:
Yet Trump’s own past tweets on the matter of climate change have taken quite a different tone:
And here’s what Trump himself had to say about The New York Times on Tuesday:
Yet he has said the following about the Times — as recently as early Tuesday morning:
Here’s what Trump said about President Barack Obama during his Tuesday meeting at the Times:
But Trump has in the past has tweeted this about Obama’s birth certificate:
Trump said the following on Tuesday about his adviser Steve Bannon, who has served as an executive of Breitbart: 
Trump said this on Tuesday about Hillary Clinton, according to Times staffers: 
But keep in mind just a little more than a month ago Trump tweeted the following about Clinton:
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