Saturday, November 19, 2016

#RIPUSA Political Cartoons That Sum Up The World's View Of A Trump Presidency #OYVeyPresidentTrump,#AmericaHangsItsHeadInShame,#KeepTrumPInCheck,#ImpeachHimNow

After a very long, stressful, and confusing twenty-four hours, Donald J. Trump’s dream of rising to power came true… And the rest of the world cringed in horror.

While plenty of Americans are still taking time to process the news and their feelings, political cartoonists all over the world are wasting no time in getting creative. This kind of political upheaval, while traumatizing and devastating to many, is perfect material for thought-provoking art.

So, behold, downtrodden and depressed American voters, the art that came from our country’s choices:


Michael de Adder @deAdder

Cartoon on #ElectionNight #Trump #TrumpPence16

8:04 AM - 9 Nov 2016


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