Sunday, November 6, 2016

14 times Hillary Clinton did it first One more to go.

On November 8, we will have the chance to elect Hillary Clinton as the first woman president of the United States. That’s a big deal.
But it wouldn’t be the first time Hillary has broken a glass ceiling. In fact, Hillary has spent her life as a trailblazer—accomplishing things nobody else had ever done before.
Here are 14 times Hillary did it first:


Hillary was the first student to give the commencement address at Wellesley College.


Hillary became the first first lady of Arkansas to continue working while her husband was in office.


Hillary was the first woman to chair the board of the Legal Services Corporation.


Hillary was the first woman given the title of partner at Rose Law Firm.


Hillary was the first attorney in her office to take maternity leave—the firm didn’t have a policy, so she wrote her own.


Hillary was the first first lady to have an office in the West Wing of the White House.


Hillary became the first first lady to win a Grammy.


Hillary was the first first lady to walk in a gay pride parade.


Hillary was the first first lady elected to public office, serving as the first woman U.S. senator from New York.


Hillary became the first senator from New York to serve on the Senate Armed Services Committee.


During a hard-fought primary with President Obama, Hillary was the first woman to win a major party primary election, first in New Hampshire and then in states across the country. And she racked up 17 million primary votes in the process (no woman had even come close to that number before).


Hillary was the first former first lady to serve in the cabinet of a United States president.


Hillary was the first woman to ever win the Iowa caucus, and then the South Carolina primary, and then Alabama, and on and on and on.


Hillary became the first woman presidential nominee of a major political party.

November 8, 2016 …

There is at least one thing that is still missing from this list—and we have a chance to make it happen.
Let’s make history together—and crack the highest, hardest glass ceiling.

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