Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ode to Baron Sir Rikkkki De Riiiik , Count and Grand Duke of the Kingdom Of Zion by the Bard of Bat Yam, Poet Laureate of Zion

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Hey You Two Legs instead of Four, I am  Rikkki de Riiik,  the JAP  Ginger Cat
Like all Jewish American Princes,  , lie on Steve"s book cluttered desk all day long
And yes, I am a cat that is  chubbyportlyflabby but not yet fat

I am related to George Windsor, posh,polished  and proud to be a Aristocrat
The Lord Mayors, an  Earl, pearl  and apple  in  Steve eyes I never can do any wrong
I am The Riiik his  snuggable, huggable,  lovable cuddly hot water bottle Ginger Cat

I will not wash the dishes , Steve, nor chase those free ranging bugs , slugs or even a  rat
Wrapped in  fleece blankets , on Steve's sofa and desk all day long  is were I belong
And yes,I am Rikkkie de Riiik Grand Duke of Chalet Darori , Palace de  Bat Yam  a Plutocrat

The Proletarian Wall Refuge Cats can bash the rat with a bat
Butter and barbecue spice  him in a crok pot, feed him to Mr. Mordechai Ching  Chong
I am a Rukkki de Riiik ( 3 xI  3 x K) Steve's favourite and most favoured  Ginger Cat

When other cats see me., bestest buddy of Steve, they do bow to my heritage ,fearand  frat
I am The Bard of Bat Yam's top cat and the kittycat muse cof the midnight meouing  song
And yes I am Ginger with white strips, a cat with a Coat of Arms not at all a yeechy fruit bat

I am that the Cat who sleeps all day on The Poet Laureate of Zion's couch also his mat
And at night nose to nose with him , yes I can be  exceedingly jealous and headstrong
My Name is Baron Sir Rikkkki De Riiik and Count  Steve's Most Favoured  Ginger Cat 

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