Saturday, December 31, 2016

#RIPUSA , # SoTackySoTrump Melania poses with a Gun, Thong on Trump's $60 Million Plane

.... and the alt right had a problem with Michelle's arms ? Oy Vey #AmericaHangsItsHeadInShame

Well there you have it… He thinks he is King of the World and she poses like she in an auditon for a James Bond movie. The NRA endorsed Trump.. HA. totally classless and they call themselves conservative. Hypocritical right wing trashed our First Lady because she bared her arms differently.

I guess to get millions of voters on the right has proven that all you have to do is bully, threaten violence and have a wife show her ass. So much class...Oh my. I just can’t see these people in the White House.

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