Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Secret Guilt is by Silence Revealed: Kfar Hanoar Adanim כפר הנוער עדנים Ongoing medical malpractice,. malady with malice and cover ups galore .... by the Bard of Bat Yam, Poet Laureate of Zion

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Secret Guilt is by Silence Revealed
Jonathan's  cheeks pox marked by acne now for ever sealed
He  is scarred for life because Adanim staff chose to be blind and malady
From the scars of unnecessary and wrong drugs that marked the rest of his eternity

Impotent are Adamim staff who in silence stay
Slaves to some powerful fears of Court and Police actions are they
Oppressed by malice and the difficult alternative  to they obey
Bogged in their world where their  morals and ethics  decay

Jonathan is  an innocent ,unknowing grain of sand, in the Kfar Hanoar Adanim  land
Washed by bloody  incompetent social workers who should  to Lucifer be damned
They have lived in silence for 5 years and a day,
And trashed my son Jonathan and now they must pay.

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