Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ode to Anthony Weiner from the desk of the Bard of Bat Yam , Poet Laureate of Zion

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Ode To Anthony Weiner 
Seems a liberal I favor, Rep. Weiner 
Has committed a dumb misdemeanor. 
Then he lied in the hope 
He could fool us  ..., the dope. 
Progressives, our team just got leaner. 

A.Weiner exposed a short coming 
By carelessly showing his plumbing 
And some say his staff 
Engendered a laugh 
As he takes a well-deserved drumming. 

The congressman never had seen her 
But he got the idea he would tweeter 
So he stripped off his clothes 
Then he snapped a quick pose 
And she got a good look at A. Weiner 

There once was a strange man named Weiner 
Who had an unpleasant demeanor. 
He tweeted his willy 
To a young filly. 
And his wife pondered pastures greener. 

There once was a pol named Tough Tony. 
Who sent pics of his pepperoni 
When caught he went Aaaccckkk! 
I'll just say I was hacked- 
That tweet, it ain't mine its a phony!� 

There once was an over-sexed Lib 
Who so very much loved to fib 
He was so imprudent 
He tweeted a student 
With a pic of his thinly veiled nib. 

There once was a Tweeter named Weiner 
Who got caught by an Internet screener 
He Twittered his dong 
As he thought all along 
Even though itis short it�s still sweeter. 

There was a young man from New York 
Who sent a young girl a pic of his pork. 
The meat wasn''t kosher 
And nothing is gaucher 
Than showing the whole world your dork.

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