Monday, October 24, 2016

The Riiik, Trippple k Rikkkki (or Hillary Clinton and Hillary For America Can Wait) from the Bard of Bat Yam, Poet Laureate of Zion

The Riiik Trippple K Rikkkie ready to pounce on the DELETE button if I don't give him eleventeen cuddles , knashuls and snaggels ever 26.87 seconds ...."Hillary for America can wait . Time for my 8 minute huggle ".... and with that cutest face in the world and gentleness how can I say no or ""hey I Am trying to do some work "'

Power packed
his small hairy frame
my 6 month old kittie cat in a winter coat
Rikkki is his name

Smart as a whip
always at my keyboard and or feet
I believe he wanted me to trip
that was just his nature

A true companion,
my very best t friend
him and I the perfect tandem
I am never left alone

Lively,today and before,
Never ( knock on wood) falls ill and gaining weight
at least I could say Donny T what a schmuck Oy Vey
and hold him as Donald Trump met his fate

Ferociously gentle and  loving,
mean but always so sweet.
my little ninja so cunning,
My Kittie Cat was unlike any other

I called Rikkki after rejecting Schnuglion"
Kind of a miniature version of one
others have called him "The Cuteness"
I love and treat him like my very own Son

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