Thursday, October 27, 2016

If you are not a member of The Adorables of Hillary Clinton #NeverTrump #StrongerTogether #NastyWoman #TedCruz #ImWithHer JOIN NOW

If you are not a member of The Adorables of Hillary Clinton #NeverTrump #StrongerTogether #NastyWoman #TedCruz #ImWithHer #TangerineNightmare JOIN NOW

Hillary Clinton. always good humoured, acknowledged that not all Republicans are Deplorables and these should called her Adorables . Even those who may not vote for her and hey you don't even have to have the vote to be a Hillary Clinton Adorable. Join the Facebook Group

Hillary Clinton's Deplorables are just the hardcore KKK Breitbart Alt Right Supporters of Donald J Trump that endorse his Misogyny , Digital Raping of Women ( locker room talk while actually at work) , Sexism, Racism, Racialism , Bitherism, Lying, Dilettantism ( advocating causes he knows absolutely nothing about), Anti semitism , Islamophobia, and hey ho'' ing and giving Donny J a thumbs up for being anything but Presidential and just a school yard bully and elitist rich bastard

Damn ..... not on the main list but got honorable mentions in Hillary Clinton's Adorables and Deplorables,Liberals, Democrats, Main Street Media, Journalists, Public , Politicians, Jews ,Pundits,Political(ly) correct fools, Israelis....... Are you on the Donny J Trump List? and hey there is hope for you yet.... the list was correct to October 10th and November 8th is now exactly 2 weeks away.....plenty of time to be insulted .

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