Wednesday, March 22, 2017

JWed Stephen Darori

About me: (49 insights answered)

As the Bard of Bat Yam, Poet Laureate of Zion, Cameo from Zion and Just a Rip Roaring Zionist controversial  follows me in social media but always with a wonderful sense of humour, optimism and purpose.It is amicable and thought provoking  I speak Both Hebrew and English fluently. Have a huge digital print but hey ho ...if you have the curiosity of Sherlock Holmes, Nero Wolfe, Stephen Darori, or Hercule Poirot find me there... So if I liked your profile( winked at you)  it means I am interested in meeting you for 10 x C Coffee, Cake, Chat ( light) Conversation ... if that goes well cuddles+ ckisses (poetic licence granted to me by The Bard of Bat Yam, Poet Laureate of Zion) ...2 C's are xrated ... ending in A chuppah+ Children ( not a deal breaker or maker but would be nice )

I am witty and wise, flirty and funny and fun chatty, cuddly and huggable, very open, very easy going, well read, interesting with lots of touch of humour, a conversationalist full of animated anecdotes, pop references and mischievously unconventional soundbites .I am very much an old fashioned romantic, an urban scavenger with an insatiable Graham Bell , Benjamin Franklin,Stephen Darori , Johannes Kepler and   Galileo curiosity and search for discovery . I am very much a David Livingston,, Henry Morton Stanley, and Phileas Fogg  tourist in my own back yard. I am a  Cat Enthusiast and currently have two and feed the entire neighbourhood cats it seems sometimes . I love to gourmet cook and grow some of my own herbs .I am currently cooking for one... and would love to cook also for you. ( kind of corny  but  yeah .... I am serious about a second attempt at the Big M ( Marriage with kids but not a dealbreaker ( kids) ..... they would be nice )

I am an over educated very secular( at the moment ) Jew but could pitch it differently like this ... am not completely Shomrei Shabbat anymore...  but given the right reason could return to what I was brought up as ...a South African Orthodox Jew ... Glatt Kosher, Shul followed by Beach ( never was completely  shomrei shabbat) and very tolerant of those who are not or are more religious than I am.I really love the traditional stuff and Yiddisheit

What I am looking for: What I am looking for:  A compliment and a counterfoil of myself......chatty, easy going, relaxed, interesting... and can be more religious than I am (that actually would be preferable)... and most of all have the initiative to make the first contact if I haven't done so already.

I am strongly support the evolution of the 21st Century Women from "'Give us the Vote"' Pankhurst, to "Free think rebel with many causes "' Emma Goldman to Margaret Sanger who successfully had the Federal Comstock Law overturned to "The Radical Feminist" Gloria Steinem to "Lean In" Sheryl Sandberg to Hilary Clinton who was robbed of the Presidency by the  disgusting misogynist #OyVeyDonaldTrump and or CIA , Vladimir Putin and fake facts galour created and pushed in social media . I believe that a 21st wife should have a career in progress and all home maker responsibilities should be split 50: 50 with her husband .I certainly do not regard "homemaker" as a career.

I was married before who turned out to be an amicable nogschlepper delux ( closet Convert and Messianic Christian) without ever wanting or having a career in progress. She was a horrific mother  and  all of the responsibility of raising two kids ( now 19 and 21, both are financially independent with trust funds, neither lives with me) ...fell on my shoulders which I was thankful for and really, really loved and became excellent at ... they loved my dramatic often outrageously slapstick reading of stories in the mode of Lawrence Olivier,  Ben Stiller, Stephen Drus and Charles Chaplin  with the humour  and unexpected voice moderation and accents of Robin William I loved controlling the narrative of their education and intellectual development.  I am looking for someone who will become my Equal Partner, Alta Ego, Confidante, Sounding Board, Lover, Best Friend and Mother of my Children ( I definitely would love more kids but not at all a deal breaker or maker ) and hey if you are a cat enthusiast like me , book lover and love homemade gormet cooking ... we can skip most of the C and go straight to the Chuppah :-) Cats and my moustache are not negotiable ...everything else certainly is and flexible is my middle name . .

.. I am well read, lay back, amicable, calm and collected and experienced who would love to remarry and have another set of kids ( but not necessary a deal maker ). look 36 feel 28 and have the energy of a 24 year old...I am a cat enthusiast and have more than one ...I live 100 meters from the beach and I love going for long walks on the wonderful beaches of Bat Yam and Tel Aviv...bring a medium size dog and his his owner into my life is a real possibility...I love the technology of the web...with Google Images for example you can find anyone with a picture profile .

I am an Urban Scavenger. Have mastered the Art of Survival.A David Livingston and Stephen Darori Tourist in my own backyard with insatiable curiosity.

הפרופיל הזה  בעברית אבל כמובן אחרי 20 שנה בארץ אני שותף גם בעברית

I am a Rip Roaring Zionist with a social conscience, living the dream in Zion. I have no illusions that once in social media, privacy is minimal. I am open, honest and willing and wanting to meet you. The first contact... phone call... touch... kiss... is always difficult and sometimes awkward ... but once you have gone through the first... I am themed of a rainbow... the pot of gold to be collected .Kind of corny but cute...cute I am with an element of mischievous and humour... a fun person to be with and really, really great with kids...
כמובן אני גם שותף לגמרי בעברית כמה שפות אחרות

Role of Judaism:

Judaism for me is a religion and not a life style

Hobbies and Interests:

... reading, art and discovering life .An Urban Scavenger with an insatiable curiosity I am tourist in my own backyard ... love the beach ( I live 200 meters from the ones in Bat Yam and Jaffa ... ... am game for anything new ...

I'm looking for:

... some one who wants kids, at least one would be nice( but not a break breaker), ...she needs to be proactive in the beginning .There is nothing wrong with been a feminist as long as you are not a Gloria Steinem radical one and February 29th is my favorite day of the year. Since I come from such a small family ( I don't even have a first cousin), it would be nice if she came from a large and more important close family but that would be nice but not essential.Find me.

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