Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Catman of Bat Yam by the Bard of Bat Yam, Poet Laureate of Zion

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I am absolutely relentless,
in my love of all kittycats
like Pocahontas,
who possessed the spirit 
of experimentation,
pushed her limits
to the very brink.
O yes, I think some
labeled me meshugah 
like my big sis Lesleigh D
and daughter Kimberly-Mor,
and son Joey-Jonty, 
in our love of feline feral or home raised
My affection could go on forever.
And when I am through,
which was hardly ever,
I  left 1000 reasons 
in on my garden wall and path,
why I like I think I  The Bard of Bat Yam
Poet Laureate of Zion
has qualified to be finally called 
A Catman or Catperson.
Either or ,but to me,
always to me,
I am just plain old Angel,
even if I tag and say so,
in League with A Gabrial
God's ( why should it be a woman)
Main wingperson (pun inteneded) 
A member of the 82nd Airbourne Battalion
Of Jewish Catpeople
in the Middle East
and in particular in Zion..

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