Saturday, February 11, 2017

#OYVeyDonaldTrump's Inauguaral Poem. Finally !! The one that previously was illusive from Poets Unwilling to Praise and Hail the 45th Prez of the USA by the Bard of Bat Yam, Poet Laurate of Zion.

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This is a Terrific Poem About Me Being Elected President of the United States. It’s Called, “Color Me Tomorrow, Today.” [shrugs] That’s Weird, But It’s Really a Terrific Poem, Folks. The Best.
Hail to the bombastic yysogynist narcisstic ggo
“Gird your loins, small handed men!”
I like that [crowd hoots]. “Strike up a wench-
pithy polka to which…” [eyes dart left,
makes stink face] “…teeeyou wheech…”
[makes fey gesture with his tiny hand,
crowd goes bananas] It’s a poem, folks!
[crowd haws] OK, back to the poem:
“For every goodly human in this football
stadium here today, I sayeth unto thee…“
[eye roll] It’s like the frickin’ Bible [yee-haws]
“I am scared of new words and mirrors” ?
“I am a trapped raccoon teflon  man” ?
What is this shit? [hands poem to giant
glowing hairless toxic waste baby in front row,
baby eats the poem, glows brighter] Lookit that!
[points, crowd applauds, caws, makes lawn mower/
machine gun sounds]. Now that’s the power
of poetry, folks! [President ascends on wires].

Twitter echoes huuuugggely as the "LOrange Duck
Donald looses 224gms to the W.C. Winston Churchillf
In the greatest home court advantage . 
The WhiteHouse.

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